I will add to this page as I think of them!

"The Human Mind is blessed with an endless capacity for Self-Deception" - Poker for Dummies

"If you're upset, it's your own fault. If you had more realistic expectations, you would have no reason to be upset!" - My Dad

"All people making sweeping generalizations should be shot!" - Unknown

"Actions speak louder than words" - Unknown, but oh so true!

"You can not expect me to be consistent with myself - only with the truth as it is revealed to me." - Unknown

"The less scientific a field of endeavor is, the more experts it has offering free advice and opinions!" - My Dad

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" - JLS

"Don't sweat the small stuff.... it's ALL small stuff!!" - Unknown

"If you know you're going to win in the end, why sweat the setbacks?" - JLS